aligning with partners to champion sustainability in everyday life.

Since 2019, StrawFish has driven innovation in the single-use plastics market, shifting the culture of foodservice sourcing. Our team is here to help Bridge Sustainability with your Company's strategic sourcing initiatives.

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people want to Create a Truly Sustainable future, but it comes at a cost.

market alternatives are either too expensive or poor in quality, all while greenwashing businesses And consumers when it comes to end-of-lifecycle claims.

an established supply chain focused on stability, scalability & Sustainability.

our North american supply chain pulls from mountains of discarded oyster shells that are polluting local coastlines & Waterways.

These Oyster Shells sequester carbon to produce & Regenerate their shells, providing a carbon negative & Renewable Source of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Our material technology allows Us to manufacture an array of single-use plastic solutions, with little-to-no commercial tooling Necessary.

our team is on the mission to help businesses and consumers Transition from single-use plastics to honest & affordable Solutions.

Collecting, cleaning & refining Oyster Shells, our team is able to Create fDA approved* & Allergen-free Products.

*FDA 21 CFR 175.300, FDA GRAS

Our Process reduces Toxic marine waste That is polluting coastal communities around the world, turning marine Pollution into Disposable solutions™.


FSC® Certified or Virgin
  • contributing to deforestation
  • not always Biodegradable
  • Poor quality & performance
  • increased cost per customer
  • High energy consumption for production


Canola/Palm Oil, Corn, Agave
  • unstable supply chain
  • Artificial Conditions Required for breakdown
  • Limited production capabilities
  • Increased Commercial farming
  • Lacking Disposal infrastructure
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