champion sustainability in everyday life.

StrawFish is shifting the culture in foodservice. Bringing sustainability to the table has never been easier.

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let's create a Sustainable future, together.

Enjoy your meal and 'dine Responsibly' knowing
strawFish has you, and the Environment, covered.

stability. scalability. Sustainability.

our supply chain Utilizes discarded Sea shells from
North america. These Shells sequester carbon, providing
a Renewable Source of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Providing an array of single-use plastic solutions,
with low minimums and quick lead times.

We are here to help businesses Transition To 
affordable sustainable Solutions.

With strawFish, your Company is helping our planet by turning marine Pollution into Disposable solutions™.


FSC® Certified or Virgin
  • contributing to deforestation
  • not always Biodegradable
  • Gets soggy and leaves residual taste
  • increased cost per Guest
  • Poor Guest Experience


Canola/Palm Oil, Corn, Agave
  • unstable supply chain
  • May Require industrial composting
  • Limited Product capabilities
  • Increased Commercial farming
  • Minimal Disposal Options
One Pagers