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What Consumers Want

December 5, 2022

Mark Cramer from Tipa Corp shares that “consumers want sustainability in packaging – but recycling isn’t the only option.”

As the national recycling rate decreases below an estimated 6% according to EPA data, combating single-use plastic pollution demands innovation, and there are some companies leading the charge.  

Education is the most important catalyst for change, as greenwashing continues to infiltrate the sustainable products market. “[Consumers and governments] need to understand the different options…in order to choose the most effective packaging.” While this can mean something different to your business depending on the industry, the global movement of sustainability requires honest, vetted solutions.

“If consumer demand isn't enough to motivate brands to adopt sustainable packaging, then government regulations will push companies to change their ways.”

Single-use plastic legislation has ‘entered the chat’, as many cities and states have begun implementing systems to reduce plastic pollution. While this is a great step forward, it is important that we don’t replace one problem with another.

Commercially compostable products require businesses and consumers to invest heavily into new systems needed to complete these products’ life cycle. If they are not:

Collected -> Cleaned -> Sorted -> Sent (on your own dime) to the nearest facility* -> Accepted by the commercial facility -> Ran for the proper composting cycle...  

Then they will persist in landfills where over 90% of waste ends up every year.  

As consumers become more aware of the hurdles in recycling and composting, new technologies will rise as viable solutions; “companies that adopt those better methods will be better able to connect with consumers – developing for themselves a reputation as a company that truly cares about the environment.”


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