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Waste Makers to Change Makers

The Plastic Waste Makers Index is a report recently published by the Minderoo Foundation that highlights the top plastic waste producers in the world. The report reveals that just 20 companies are responsible for producing over half of all single-use plastic waste generated globally.

“We need a fundamentally different approach that turns the tap off on new plastic production. For the petrochemical industry to argue otherwise is greenwashing of the highest order,” says Dr. Andrew Forrest of the Minderoo Foundation.

The Plastic Waste Makers Index aims to shift the responsibility of plastic waste management from consumers to the companies that produce it. The current focus on recycling and reducing plastic use is not enough to solve the plastic pollution crisis. Instead, the report recommends that companies take greater responsibility for their role in creating the problem and invest in solutions such as designing more sustainable products and improving waste management systems.

The index also highlights the need for better data on plastic production and waste management, as the lack of transparency makes it difficult to hold companies accountable for their environmental impact and limits the effectiveness of government policies and regulations.

The Plastic Waste Makers Index has already had a significant impact on the industry, with several of the companies named in the report committing to reduce their plastic usage and improve their waste management practices. However, the report also encourages consumers to make conscious choices about their plastic usage and disposal.

Overall, the Plastic Waste Makers Index is an important tool for holding companies accountable for their role in the plastic pollution crisis and promoting greater sustainability in the industry. By highlighting the top plastic waste producers and calling for greater transparency and accountability, the index is a valuable resource for governments, activists, and consumers who are working to create a more sustainable future.


To read the full report, click here. More information on the Waste Makers Index can be found in StrawFish's FREE Toolkit.