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The Conscious Contender

August 23, 2022

Pat Summitt, the Naismith Coach of the Century in women’s collegiate basketball, is quoted saying, “it’s harder to stay on the top than it is to make the climb; continue to seek new goals.”

QSR Magazine, an industry-leading foodservice publication over the past 25 years, released their 2022 QSR Contenders List earlier this month.

The list is ranked by total systemwide sales, with operators having less than 10 units to over 1000 all in contention.

In an ultra-competitive foodservice industry, how can you differentiate your brand to be a contender?

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) exponentially grow in value, investing into sustainability will do more than impact your bottom-line.  

Taking the initiative to source sustainably will result in:

- A marginal increase in basis-points when shifting disposables spend of purchasing teams.

- A deployment of resources to establish new supply-chain partners, shifting the culture of sourcing.

 But, you can expect the following in return:

- Improved customer experience and staff satisfaction with the reduction of plastics.

- Boost in brand equity within the community through environmental pledges.

- Increased engagement amongst new customer demographics with purchasing power.

In weighing the scales, making the change will drive positive ROI with a tangible impact.


Ask the StrawFish® team today how you can drive positive ROI for your operations through strategic sourcing initiatives.