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Take Out Food, Not Plastic

Lessons learned from the pandemic have drastically changed the restaurants attract and engage guests moving forward. With dining rooms closed or limited, more Americans turned to takeout and delivery options, a trend that has been dubbed "the Great American Takeout." As a result, restaurants are adapting to meet the growing demand for off-premise dining options by investing in technology and rethinking their menus.

This shift towards takeout and delivery has raised concerns about sustainability. Many of the containers and packaging used for takeout are not recyclable or biodegradable, leading to increased waste. In addition, the transportation of food has contributed to increased carbon emissions, as supply-chains have been very reliant on imports from the East.

To address these sustainability concerns, some restaurants are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. For example, some restaurants are using biodegradable containers and utensils, while others are switching to reusable containers. Additionally, some are partnering with delivery services that use electric vehicles or bicycles to reduce emissions.

Consumers can also take steps to make their takeout orders more sustainable. For example, they can opt for restaurants that use eco-friendly packaging or bring their own reusable containers when picking up their food. They can also choose to order from restaurants that source their ingredients locally and use sustainable practices in their kitchens.

While the trend towards takeout and delivery is unlikely to change in the near future, the restaurant industry and consumers can work together to make it more sustainable. By investing in eco-friendly options and making conscious choices, we can reduce the environmental impact of off-premise dining and ensure a more sustainable future for the restaurant industry.

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