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Sustainable Branding

September 9, 2022

Lisa Buckler, the SVP of Growth and Partnerships at System1 said “Quick-service restaurants possess some of today's most powerful branding. The right branding can greatly impact a company's potential for growth and is especially important when introducing a new business.”

One way to drive tangible ROI from branding is through the “wisdom of the crowd testing”– taking how the consumer feels about branding and what they value most into consideration.

Nowadays, consumers care about sustainability, and how far a company is willing to commit to the reduction of single-use plastics is a major pillar of that mission.

- Over 75% of millennials say sustainability is more important than brand name when making purchasing decisions.

- Nearly 90% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay over 10% extra for sustainable products.

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So, when it comes to branding in QSR, how is your company building its sustainable backbone? 

The future of branding assets requires one thing – the truth.

As the sustainable products market has exploded in recent years, many companies are using flashy buzz words or colors to persuade consumers a product is ‘eco-friendly’.

Instead, StrawFish puts honesty and transparency first in their branding assets, communicating material testing certifications and the proper disposal processes to ensure its solutions achieve their end-of-life cycle.

As legislation and consumer sentiment continues to broaden around the reduction of single-use plastics, it is important that suppliers do their part to help QSR teams avoid being greenwashed by the ‘blues and greens'.  

Reach out to the StrawFish® team for more educational resources, and access to ways you can transition to single-use plastic alternatives today!