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Sustainability's Back on Menu

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, “Consumers want packaging for off-premises orders to be made with better, ideally more sustainable, materials…for many consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Zs, being more environmentally aware and sustainable in their actions is more important than ever.”

As a lot of consumers “are interested in creating smaller carbon footprints” according to LJR Hospitality CEO Larry Reinstein, it is the responsibility of foodservice operators to look at their supply-chain and see where they can drive positive ROI from implementing sustainable practices.

Laura Abshire, the Director of Sustainability Policy for the National Restaurant Association, believes it is the deeply rooted environmental and social principles that Millennials and Gen Z have grown up with that has led to change; purchasing decisions for these demographics heavily consider “what a business stands for and what it’s doing to minimize the environmental impact.”

Key Takeaways (Operators, listen up for some FREE game!):

– 70% of Millennials and 72% of Gen Z adults said they’d be willing to pay extra for to-go orders to cover the cost of upgraded packaging.

– Over 50% of restaurant operators have upgraded to better packaging options, with another 25% in the decision-making process.

– Sustainable packaging ranked #1 on the Industry Report’s top trends this year.


🚨 As your team reviews packaging solutions, take the time to understand what these offerings require from an environmental standpoint; greenwashing has led purchasing teams to invest in alternatives that are misleading, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of time, money and brand reputation spent.

Say NO to the ‘blues and greens’ and source honest, vetted solutions tested to help your guests join the global movement of sustainability with ease.

Reach out to the StrawFish® team for more educational resources, and access to ways you can transition to single-use plastic alternatives today!