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Sustainability - A Journey For All

Representation is vital for long-term success in the global sustainable movement, as everyone deserves the opportunity to get involved and make a positive impact,” said Co-Founder of StrawFish Aaron Kleinert.

With this ethos as a driving force, providing access to honest single-use plastic solutions has led StrawFish to partner with cruise industry leaders Royal Caribbean and recently, Celiac Cruise. 

Education brings us together, so sharing Maureen’s story to shine a light on Celiac and how we can support those living with this disease is very important to us,” Aaron added.

For Maureen, Founder of Celiac Cruise, the journey started in 2017, when her son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. With big changes coming to life at home, managing exposure in social settings became another obstacle to overcome.  

“[He] started to feel better, but we had many hurdles to cross! Travel?!? How do we handle that? Can we even do that? How do I trust my child and family will be in safe hands in restaurants, let alone on a VACATION!?”

Maureen and her business partner Connie Saunders reached out to Royal Caribbean in Fall of 2018 to present the idea of curating gluten-free cruises, and the Company welcomed the opportunity with open arms. Maureen said, “Royal Caribbean then had my entire family onboard to test drive and open the galley doors for a full gluten-free inspection!”

Since their inaugural sailing, the Celiac Cruise team has gone on to work with Executive Chefs, F&B Directors, and Purchasing Teams at Royal Caribbean and AMAWaterways. With support of The Celiac Foundation and Boston Children’s Hospital, their mission has continued full steam ahead on educating staff and guests on how to sail responsibly.

With 100% biodegradable, gluten-free alternatives to single-use plastic, StrawFish is excited to work hand-in-hand with the Celiac Cruise team to continue making a positive impact on the community, and planet, one straw at a time.  

Interested in learning more? Send the StrawFish team a message today!