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Supply-Chain Health

As consumers push to see their favorite restaurants support sustainability, strategic sourcing has become a top-line focus for foodservice purchasing teams.  

One way to support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and improve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores is to “develop a supply-chain model built around sustainability.”

 – 83% of consumers want restaurants to do more to promote sustainability.

 – 45% of fast-food customers consider carbon footprint in purchasing decisions.

What are some ways you can implement sustainability in your supply-chain?


Review the disposal requirements of many products claiming to be ‘eco-friendly’. Somebody is responsible for cleaning/collecting/sorting/sending 'compostable' waste to a commercial composting facility on their own dime – that is if the facility accepts the waste. Who does that responsibility fall on?

 – Understand the system that (em)powers your supply-chain. Are you building relationships with Regional and Emerging suppliers to foster innovation? Are you sourcing local? Supporting the growth of supply-chain partners enriches the entire ecosystem, making foodservice a sustainable practice for the future to come.

The StrawFish® team is here to help sourcing teams combat greenwashing, streamline sourcing, and drive positive return with a holistic approach to supply-chain health.