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Right Place, Right Time

No matter the size, it is critical for foodservice operators to align with distribution partners to secure their supply-chain and simplify sourcing.

As the backbone of the food industry, food distributors are responsible for transporting products from point A to point B in the most cost-effective and timely manner. This can mean warehousing and delivering thousands of different items, many available on a day’s notice for businesses to purchase.

With affordable pricing, wide access to suppliers, and quick turnaround time, the advantages are obvious; as you explore the best partner for your business, it is important to understand the four main types of food distributors.


-      Broadline. The most common type of distributor, typically with the largest array of products and coverage.

-      Specialty. Focused on specific types of product or product categories that are generally not supported by larger distributors.

-      Redistributor. Flexibility to scale products and coverage but may not have large inventory on hand. Low prices to help resell products covered by broadline or specialty distributors.

-      Cash & Carry. Wholesale model to expedite access to product, operators pay full and upfront for what they need - generally smaller volume or specialty products.


With the resurgence of the foodservice industry post-pandemic, supply-chain shortages have caused problems for distributors of all types.

Many suppliers are struggling to meet and exceed rising demand as doors reopen and takeout/delivery orders increase, causing orders to be short or delayed into distributors; the snowball effect continues on from there.

Work with your distributor to identify supply-chain partners that can meet your needs, from sustainable disposables to center-of-plate, and champion them!


Send the StrawFish® team a message to find out which distribution partners currently stock our truly 100% biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic!