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Prestige Worldwide

Oysters have been a significant part of Gulf Coast cuisine for centuries, but overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction have led to a significant decline in oyster populations in recent decades. This decline not only impacts the food industry but also the local ecosystems and economies that depend on oyster production. Prestige Oyster's Inc. is a Texas-based Company that has been at the forefront of sustainable oyster farming practices and has been working tirelessly to restore oyster populations in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Company was established in the 1970’s by standing CEO Johnny Halili, who came to the United States from Albania to pursue his passion for oyster farming. Starting as a small family-owned operation, it has grown over the years to become one of the largest oyster producers in the country. The Company now operates several facilities along the Gulf Coast, and their oysters are sold throughout the United States and abroad.

Sustainable farming practices have always been at the core of Prestige's operations. They use a range of innovative techniques to ensure that their oysters are healthy, high quality, and environmentally friendly. For example, the Company uses a rotating crop system that allows them to harvest oysters while also giving the oyster beds time to rest and regenerate. This system also helps prevent disease and parasites from building up in the oyster beds.

Prestige Oyster's also works closely with conservation groups and government agencies to restore and protect oyster populations in the Gulf of Mexico. The Company has been involved in several restoration projects, including the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which aims to rebuild oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay. The Company has also worked with the Nature Conservancy to restore oyster habitats in Galveston Bay.

In addition to their conservation efforts, reducing their environmental impact is a major component of their mission. The Company has implemented several sustainable practices, such as using energy-efficient lighting in their facilities, recycling waste materials, and reducing their water usage.

These efforts and investments have resulted in awards and recognitions from governments and organizations across the Country. In 2016, the Company was recognized as a Gulf Guardian by the Gulf of Mexico Program, and by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for their commitment to environmental stewardship.

This is a shining example of how we can support the environment and the communities it serves by investing to restore our natural resources through education and action.


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