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Pawsitive Trends in Foodservice

Total Food Service, a leading foodservice news outlet, has made it very clear that “the food industry is moving towards sustainability.”

This comes from both sides of the coin, as consumers become more environmentally conscious, and businesses innovate to secure their supply-chains and navigate the post-pandemic  landscape.


Below are some of the most notable trends impacting the food industry as we start 2023:

• Experiential Dining – Exploring how we consume, from locally-sourced ingredients to new menu items, has helped concepts differentiate their brand and attract more customers.

• Transparency – As consumers become more aware of their environmental impact and health, restaurants and suppliers are introducing new initiatives to avoid greenwashing.

• Upcycled & Sustainable Ingredients – As the food industry looks to reduce plastic pollution, there has been “growth of upcycled and sustainable materials in food packaging and manufacturing.”

• Supply-Chain Disruptions – As consumers race back to their pre-pandemic ways, global supply-chains have been disrupted with obstacles in production and logistics.


StrawFish checks all the boxes, and continues to trend as the highest quality solution to single-use plastic disposables and packaging.

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