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A Sustainable Future

With recent bottlenecks and shortages in the foodservice industry, purchasing teams are turning to sustainability to help alleviate problems and take control of their supply-chains.

For many sustainable product suppliers, “availability [is] changing on a near-weekly basis”; when product does become available, “price could be double the usual amount” says George Frangos of Farm Burger, a fine casual chain founded in Decatur, GA.

As packaging “has faced increased scrutiny amid the pandemic-era spike in single-use disposables,” sustainable sourcing has become a top priority for establishments looking to improve customer experience while complying with legislation.

How can you implement sustainable sourcing initiatives to secure your supply chain?

-       Source local. By aligning with suppliers in the community, you can cultivate relationships to manage quality, improve prices, and shorten timelines.

-      Innovate. As reliance on disposables increases with adoption of takeout/drive-through practices, make the investment into educating your team on new market alternatives that are at commercial scale to support your goals.

-      Listen. Understand what your guests value, as transitioning to a more sustainable source can greatly impact your customer engagement and generate a positive return on investment.


Building relationships has been the bedrock of the hospitality sector from the very beginning, and if anything, the adversity of the past two years reinforced how important the people side of the industry truly is.”

Education is a vital component of innovation. Communicating changes in the disposables market demands an honest, transparent exchange of beliefs, needs, and vision for the future in order to take the necessary steps in the present.

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